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Our Business

We develop software in-house and provide solutions that improve the operational efficiency of our clients. Our services, which eliminate

wasteful work and improve profitability, are highly regarded by our

clients for their quality.


Our Product

  • SI Object Browser

    Database Development Support Tool

    SI Object Browser provides total support for software development from DB design, development, testing, operation, and web application development.

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    Project Management Tool

    OBPM Neo is a PMBOK-compliant project management tool that enables comprehensive project management, covering cost, schedule and quality. It also supports the percentage-of-completion method.

  • image_54

    EC Site Construction Package

    SI Web Shopping is the latest e-commerce platform to support digital business, including omni-channel, cross-border, online supermarkets, and B2B.

  • image_55

    Enterprise Resource Planning

    GRANDIT is an integrated core business package compatible with operations in various industries and business categories, such as sales, accounting, human resources, and production. It also supports internal control.

  • image 49

    AI Visual Inspection System

    AISIA-AD is a state-of-the-art visual inspection system using deep learning image recognition technology.


    Programming Skill Assessment Service

    TOPSIC is a cloud service that can assess programming skills online and in real time, helping with recruitment and employee programming training.


Our History


si_logo 1
si_logo 1

Since the start with three members in 1995, the company has developed a series of software products that meet the needs of the times: an e-commerce site construction package, a database development support

tool, a database design tool, an ERP packages, and an integrated project management system.
Most recently, the company has also released new products such as a programming skill assessment

service and an AI visual inspection system.
With a mission to provide value to society through superior software, the company continues to develop

original products and services.

The corporate slogan is "We keep making software that creates time, not software that takes time away.” We will continue to help our clients to create time through our software.



「時間を奪うのではなく、 時間を与えるソフトウェアを作り続ける」 


をコーポレートスローガンに掲げています。 私たちは、あくまでも時間を与える側に立ってソフトウェアと対峙していきます。