Dividends & Benefit program for Shareholder

Updated January 22, 2024

Dividend Policy

The Company recognizes returning profits to shareholder as one of its priorities in management. Our basic policy is to pay dividends linked to performance, taking into account internal reserves for business expansion. The indicator of payout ratio is 30%.

Dividend Change (Since listing)

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Updated October 13, 2022

Shareholder Benefit Program

Our shareholder benefit program has been introduced to thank shareholders for their support and to increase the attractiveness of investing in the company’s shares and to increase the number of shareholders who would hold the company’s shares over the medium to long term.
1. Entitled Shareholders

Shareholders who meet both of the following conditions are eligible for the benefits.

  • Have the same identification number on the shareholder registry as of the last day of August of each year and
    as of the last day of February of the same year.
  • Hold 200 shares (2 units) or more.
2. Content of Shareholder Benefits
200 shares or more
and fewer than 1,000 shares
1,000 shares or more
and fewer than 4,000 shares
4,000 shares or more
and fewer than 16,000 shares
16,000 shares or more 10kg


Depending on the number of shares held, shareholders will receive Koshihikari rice grown with reduced use of

chemical fertilizer and harvested in Niigata, the hometown of Chairman CCO Umeda.

3. Delivery Period

Rice will be shipped in autumn (after harvest).

4. Choice of Rice

The rice that shareholders receive is grown with reduced use of chemical fertilizer (a special agricultural product

certified by Niigata Prefecture) by farmer Mr. Katsuzo Watanabe. The rice, produced in accordance with the

"Katsuzo rule", has a pleasant aroma when cooked and is truly delicious. Please look forward to it.